The Danger of Perc and Perc Contamination

Perc Contamination can create some serious trouble. Not long after the drycleaner businesses started using it, it was found that perc is dangerous for health and drinking perc contaminated water can cause cancer. When it converts into its gaseous form, it can also cause respiratory problem. Nowadays, perc is no longer used as a solvent in dry-cleaning business. But it doesn’t mean that the contamination problem is solved. Perchloroethylene is very absorbant so this substance seeps into the ground water and even to the concrete.

Ground water contamination is already very dangerous. But the soil and concrete contamination create even more problem. This contamination makes the building and surrounding area unlivable. We can see many ex-drycleaner buildings are being abandoned because of the contamination. It can’t be used, rented or sold because nobody wants to do their activities in a contaminated area. It proves that perc contamination can also cause economical problem since it decrease the value of the real estate.

What to Do to a Perc Contaminated Site

The first thing you must do to deal with Perchloroethylene contamination is to call a reputable environmental cleanup firm in your area. The firm will assess the condition of your building. Ground water contamination is actually more dangerous because it relates directly to our health. But the contamination is far easier to get rid of. Chemical liquids will be poured to the ground water to purify it. Its liquid form makes it easier for the ground water to react with the chemical. Meanwhile, to deal with the contaminated soil, full excavation must be performed.